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5 Reasons why you Should Swap out your Elastics for Scrunchies!

1. Scrunchies are better for the health of your hair!

Most of the damage from wearing a regular elastic occurs when detangling it out of your hair. The fabric chosen to make the scrunchie acts like an extra layer of padding, protecting the strands of your hair!

The tension & hold of the scrunchie are dependent on the type of fabric, & how tight the elastic is inside. This is why our silk Zenchies provide the ultimate protection against damage, due to the amount of slip!


2. No more bad hair days!

So, you slept in, & you literally have NO time to style your hair! All you need is some dry shampoo, & a Zenchie! Tie your hair up in a top-knot, & transform your bed head to an effortless, chic style in seconds!

3. Scrunchies are a simple way to upgrade your outfit!

We have many style of Zenchies for every type of mood or occasion imaginable. Whether you’re into simplistic fashion, or total glam; we have you covered!

4. Scrunchies are timeless.

Originally invented by Romy Revson, (a pianist & nightclub singer) in 1986! The scrunchie is a nostalgic accessory that protects your hair & adds some flavour to your style!

Scrunchies are just as much of a staple as your handbag; & this “trend” isn’t going anywhere. Why would anyone switch back to regular, damaging elastics at this point?!

5. Scrunchies are reusable & good for the environment!

Made strong, & made to last; our handmade scrunchies will stand the test of time! At Zenchies we source eco-friendly, & organic materials whenever possible. Say goodbye to fast fashion, & invest in high. quality pieces to wear on repeat!