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Luxe Dry: The Latest Must-Have Accessory

3 Reasons why my Luxe Dry Zenchie is my new go-to!

1. Spend less time styling.

After getting out of the shower & towel drying my hair; I’ve been tying it back with a luxe dry Zenchie! The first reason why I love Luxe Dry is because I no longer have to use any of my other Zenchies on my wet hair!! The microfiber towel is incredibly soft & super absorbing; I was amazed at how much water I was able to ring out after use! I always do my makeup first & then my hair to follow. With the Zenchie removing the majority of excess water for me, it cuts down the styling time!

2. Less heat exposure!

a) On the days I do blow-dry, it cuts down the blow-dry time by absorbing water beforehand.

b) The days I don’t feel like blow-drying, I leave my luxe dry Zenchie in my hair until my hair is dry! When I take it out, my ends are left smoother with a slight wave! (My hair is fine & poker straight FYI. Results will vary!)

c) TOP-KNOTS, ponytails, or half-up styles! Luxe-dry is a super cute option for everyday wear to style with pretty much any outfit!

3. No more dripping hair.

After the pool, beach, or hot tub! No more dripping hair while drying off! If you are specifically looking for a chlorine-resistant, quick-drying Zenchie for swimming in- I would recommend any of our scrunchies from our Zen-Active line!

In summary:

Q: Are these magical Zenchies that will dry your hair for you quicker than your blowdryer?

A: No.

Q: Are these Zenchies still amazing?

A: YES!!!