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Zenchie Apple Watch Bands: Chic. Comfortable. Functional!

I didn’t understand the obsession everyone had with Apple Watches, until I joined the club last year. My Apple Watch soon become an accessory I never went a day without wearing.

Top 5 Features that I love about my Apple Watch:

  1. Motivates me to keep moving! I love how the Apple Watch tracks three goals; standing, moving, & exercise. There is just something about the visual of closing a circle that is simply more compelling to me than trying to hit 10,000 steps.
  2. Finding my iPhone. This might be one of the most overlooked features about the Apple Watch, but definitely one of my personal favs. Instead of spending 10+ minutes searching for my phone every time I misplace it, I simply tap “find my iPhone”, & hear it ping… search party dismissed!
  3. Telling the time… duh! I haven’t worn a watch on a regular basis in years. Being aware of the time, & not having to pick up my phone to view the lockscreen is another win for me!
  4. Notifications. My watch allows me to view text, email, & other notifications that come through. Although this can be distracting, I still prefer this over constantly looking at my phone screen; & can attend to messages as needed!
  5. Accessorizing! The watch bands are interchangeable; I love that I’m able to match the style according to what I’m wearing/ doing.*Cues designing Zenchie Apple Watch Bands.*

I had ordered a few different styles of Apple Watch bands online last year to test out; I found that either they either irritated my skin, or took too long to adjust every time I had to put it on/ take it off.

JUST like my Apple Watch, I usually start the day off with a Zenchie on my wrist. Our luxe materials in comparison to the watch bands I had previously ordered felt WAY more comfortable for all day wear.

Soon after, an idea for a new design came to me. My two “can’t live without” accessories; a scrunchie & an Apple Watch- collided into one.


Zenchie Apple Watch Bands

High Quality. Chic. Comfortable. Functional.

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