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eco-friendly scrunchie dog collar

Pupchies; for the Love of Dogs

If you’re obsessed with scrunchies & your dog; then look no further…

Pupchies is an original concept & design that came to me during one of our photoshoots. One of my models asked if I had extra fabric laying around so she could make her pup a matching bandana. I then thought maybe it’s time for me start designing them to sell; since creating an extension of the Zenchies brand exclusively for dogs has always been a dream of mine!

After talking with girls at the shoot about this for a few minutes, an idea popped into my head. I then said out out loud – “But what if dogs could wear scrunchies too? Like… scrunchie collars!

There are four important factors when it comes to finding the perfect collar for your dog; comfort, durability, quality, & safety. It was common sense to me that the “scrunchie collars” couldn’t simply be a scrunchie with a buckle on it. Pupchies have been designed with a high-quality vegan leather collar with one of our luxe scrunchies as a covering.

Pupchies Features:

  1. Sturdy & durable. The tan vegan leather collar gives our Pupchies elements of sturdiness & durability.
  2. Comfortable & safe. We all know how great Zenchies are for your hair; why should your dog deserve any less?! The soft scrunchie covering will even help prevent chafing. We source eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton for our collar coverings. We care about the health of your pets & promise to avoid all materials that could potentially contain toxins.
  3. Adjustable. Each Pupchie size has a 3” range to tighten or loosen to help you find the perfect fit. Make sure to use our size guide before ordering.
  4. Match your fur babe. Matching scrunchies, watch bands, & other Zenchies accessories are available so you can totally #twin with your pup!

Our gorgeous, high-quality collars meet & surpass the “perfect collar” standards checklist; & we are so excited for you to get your hands (or paws) on them. Pupchies will officially launch this Wednesday, December 1st at 7:00pm CDT– just in time for Christmas!

Set your alarms, as we have a limited quantity available for purchase.

With love & puppy kisses,

– Samantha Thom

PS: Make sure to tag @myzenchies & hashtag #pupchies on IG for a chance to be featured on our page. (Full disclosure- I selfishly can’t wait to wake up every morning & see tagged photos of your dogs!)