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Oversized Claw Clip Cellulose Acetate

Why Cellulose Acetate Hair Accessories

 At Zenchies we take pride knowing that we provide you with quality, eco-friendly, & luxurious accessories; including our Cellulose Acetate Claw Clips! While you can find cheaper, plastic alternatives- we’re sure you’ll agree that the quality isn’t always that great, & might break after only a few uses.

Just like your favourite pair of designer sunglasses you’ve owned for years; our claw clips have been designed for you to wear on repeat!

Top 3 Cellulose Acetate Features:

1. Eco-friendly… NOT PLASTIC!

Cellulose Acetate is a biodegradable material derived from plant sources. In fact, our claw clips are even recyclable at the end of their life!

2. Light-weight & comfortable for all-day wear.

Whether your hair is thin or thick, straight or curly; our claw clips will securely hold all your hair up without the headache!

3. Durable & flexible.

Unlike accessories made of acrylic, cellulose acetate is exceptionally flexible. No need to panic if you drop one of our claw clips… they won’t shatter!

Looking for a claw clip that won’t quit? Check out our best-sellers below!

Oversized claw clip cellulose acetate

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butterfly claw clip cellulose acetate

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Oversized claw clip cellulose acetate

Couture Claw Clips

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