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Our Story

My name is Samantha Thom, I am the creator and founder of Zenchies.

I’ve been a hairstylist behind the chair for over 9 years. Last year I decided to pursue another passion of mine, and took my yoga teacher training.

Always being on the go – beginning my day in a yoga studio in the morning, to the salon in the afternoon – I needed a quick way to make my hair look salon-ready. As I was tying my hair back one day, I realized I could merge my two passions together by creating something as simple as a scrunchie.


As a stylist, I believe that maintaining the integrity of your hair should be at the utmost importance. A scrunchie is a much gentler alternative than a regular ponytail, which can cause stress to your hair.

Using luxurious, organic fabrics, Zenchies are locally handmade with love to compliment any outfit for any adventure.