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Surprise Scrunchie Set

(4 customer reviews)


Surprise yourself or someone else with one of our Surprise Scrunchie Sets!

The sets include (2) of Zenchies last chance/ sale scrunchies. The sets may include Thins, Petite, &/or Classic sizes.

Zenchies Surprise Scrunchie Sets may not be returned or replaced.

Zenchies linen pouch


  1. Nicole J. (Verified Buyer)

    I just recieved my first surprise set and was so happy with what was inside! A taupe thin, and petite blush bomb!
    Don’t think i would’ve been dissapointed with ANYTHING from Zenchies though. Love this company!

  2. Veronica S.

    I’m ordering one of these with every order from now on! Loved what I got inside my first surprise scrunchie set!

  3. Quincy H. (Verified Buyer)

    Loved what I received! A haute leopard and a blush bomb thin. 😍 Will order more.

  4. Miranda

    I love the surprise set! My set was so amazing that I’ve ordered 2 as gifts for friends!

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Classic (The Original)5” - 5.75”
Petite (Small)4.25”- 4.75”
Thin (Extra Small)3”- 3.5”
Exact dimensions vary in size due to our different fabrics. Our measurements are based on the diameter of the Zenchie & are approximations.

Our Canadian, luxurious hand-made scrunchies are made strong, & made to last!

Our 3 sizes of Zenchies have been designed to suit the needs of all hair types, & for styling versatility. Our strong elastic will provide your hair the perfect hold all day long saving you from constant readjusting!

Classic: The OG Scrunchie

Great for top knots & for making a statement! Perfect for styling any type of hair; from thin to thick!


Designed with less fabric than our Classic Zenchie to give your hair a slightly tighter hold, & a more subtle look! Our Petite size will still work on thick hair, but are best suited for thin to medium hair types. Our users also love them for putting their hair half up!


Swap out your damaging elastics, & replace them with our top-selling Thins! Perfect for discrete styling, working-out, & to have purse ready!