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★★★★★ – Over +1000 five star reviews. ‘Best hold scrunchies + claw clips.’

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Silk Thins Duo

(6 customer reviews)


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Zenchies linen pouch

100% Silk Oeko- Tex Certified

Samantha’s Silk Collection sources the most luxurious silk available! The lightweight, silky-soft material will provide the ultimate protection to prevent any breakage that a regular elastic can cause!

Special Care Instructions:

We recommend gently hand washing your silk Zenchie. Never wring your silk items & never toss them in the dryer. Remove excess water by placing the Zenchie on a white cotton towel & gently blot.  To remove wrinkles once dry, use the silk setting on your iron or steam.

The set includes (1) Blush Silk Thin, & (1) Onyx Silk Thin.

Bundle & Save! (Savings- $3.59)


  1. Jess

    I love the silk thins on my wrist. They look so cute together

  2. Shanda Smith

    My go-to scrunchies. Love them for bed time and saving my hair from tangles. The hold is perfect and i adore how they leave no creasing in my hair.

  3. Samantha W.

    Silk Thins hold my hair perfect and don’t leave any creases after using! I use them almost every night to save my hair from tangles.

  4. Kara Braken

    I love Thins so much! Nothing beats Zenchies quality.

  5. Ashley N. (Verified Buyer)

    My hair loves silk thins as much as I do- well-made and so chic!

  6. Maddie

    bought these over a year ago and the elastic has barely stretched out! ordering more to replace the ones my daughter stole from me 🙈

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Classic (The Original)5” - 5.75”
Petite (Small)4.25”- 4.75”
Thin (Extra Small)3”- 3.5”
Exact dimensions vary in size due to our different fabrics. Our measurements are based on the diameter of the Zenchie & are approximations.

Our Canadian, luxurious hand-made scrunchies are made strong, & made to last!

Our 3 sizes of Zenchies have been designed to suit the needs of all hair types, & for styling versatility. Our strong elastic will provide your hair the perfect hold all day long saving you from constant readjusting!

Classic: The OG Scrunchie

Great for top knots & for making a statement! Perfect for styling any type of hair; from thin to thick!


Designed with less fabric than our Classic Zenchie to give your hair a slightly tighter hold, & a more subtle look! Our Petite size will still work on thick hair, but are best suited for thin to medium hair types. Our users also love them for putting their hair half up!


Swap out your damaging elastics, & replace them with our top-selling Thins! Perfect for discrete styling, working-out, & to have purse ready!