Luxe Dry Hair Towels; Look Chic Post Shower

Pink bamboo towel hair scrunchies Canada

As an experienced hairstylist, one piece of advice I tell all of my clients is to avoid using a regular towel when drying your hair! Hair is the most fragile when it’s wet, becoming much more susceptible to breakage. Not only can using a regular body towel cause damage, it increases the amount of frizz you might be fighting with everyday.


Last year, Zenchies launched our Luxe Dry Scrunchies. Made from luxurious, absorbent bamboo towel, everyone was amazed at just how much water they could hold! After having a few conversations with customers about these magical scrunchies, I kept hearing the same thing over and over: “I wish that this material was a towel that could dry ALL of my hair!”

Good news! Your wish came true…

Elevate your post shower routine with Zenchies NEW Luxe Dry Hair Towels.

Luxury pink hair towel wrap and Scrunchie Canada

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Hair Towel:

1. Less Damaging & Frizz Control

Unlike traditional cotton towels we use to dry our bodies, Luxe Dry Hair Towels were designed to help maintain & preserve the integrity of your hair. Hair is very fragile when wet, & most body towels can result in creating friction when pulled across delicate, wet hair. Choosing to use our luxurious bamboo hair towels instead will help absorb water in the MOST gentle way possible- resulting in less frizz once dry.

2. Your Hair Will Dry Faster

Our ultra-absorbent bamboo towels will help your hair finish drying much faster compared to how long it would take with a regular towel. Our hair towels have a massive absorption capacity, & designed with a pocket to fit any amount of hair; from thin to thick!

3. Comfortable & Functional

Bamboo towel hair Scrunchie with Olaplex number 8

Another amazing feature of our hair towels is the ability for it to stay in place while you go about your routine. Once the loop is secured around the button, you can virtually forget about it!

One of my favorite times to use our hair towels is for overnight hair treatments! Protect your pillows & your sheets- & let it soak all night long.

4. Ditch The Blow Dry For GOOD

As we all know, excess heat styling your hair can result in damage over time. If this can be reduced by using a hair towel instead of your blow dryer, your hair will begin to repair itself by making this easy switch!

How To Use Our Luxe Dry Hair Towels:

Bamboo towel hair wraps and scrunchies Canada

  1. Untangle your hair. Gently untangle your hair using a wet brush, or a wide tooth comb.
  2. Secure the hair towel. Flip your hair upside down. Place the wide end of the towel (the end with the button) over the back of your head so the hair in front of you rests in the pocket of the thin end of the towel (the end with the loop.)
  3. Twist the hair towel. Close the towel around your hair and twist gently 2-3 times!
  4. Loop the hair towel. Lastly, finish by securing the white loop around the button at the back of your neck. Voila!