Our Commitment

At Zenchies it is our commitment to make a positive impact on the well-being of the environment and on the lives of each other.

Zenchies sources eco-friendly & organic fabrics as much as possible for a number of reasons:

  1. No pesticides/insecticides involved
  2. Environmentally friendly
    Less energy sources used in the production of making the fabric!
  3. Ethical working conditions for the farmers and those helping in the manufacturing.
  4. Quality and purity
    Zenchies selects the most prestige patterns and designs available.

Read more about Zenchies Slow Fashion efforts here!


10% of our net proceeds is donated from every Zenchies purchase to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation in support of women’s cancer initiatives.

All funds raised and donated remain in Manitoba. These funds support an internationally-recognized team of health professionals at CancerCare Manitoba who provide outstanding care for patients and their families throughout Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Our mission, in partnership with our donors, is to support CancerCare’s strategic priorities. Your generosity enables the Foundation to maximize the funds provided to CancerCare Manitoba each year. Donor contributions help bridge the gap of initiatives and programs not eligible for government funding, including prevention, early detection, clinical trials and leading-edge research and treatment. Thanks to the generosity of donors, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has been able to grant more than $118 million since 2000. This support to CancerCare Manitoba profoundly impacts patient outcomes.

CancerCare Manitoba is our provincially mandated agency for cancer and blood disorders. We share its bold vision, “A world free of cancer” and the goal that no life is cut short by cancer — a complex set of more than 200 diseases. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only charitable organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation