Slow Fashion

At Zenchies it is our commitment to make a positive impact on the well-being of the environment & on the lives of each other. It has always been at the upmost importance to follow our sustainability checklist when we established our company in 2019.

1. Eco-Friendly:

Eco-friendly & luxe; two essential qualities found in the fabrics sourced for designing our products at Zenchies. A few of our favorite go-to eco-friendly fibres are organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, & Tencel. The fibres of these prestige materials are longer than most, making the yarn a finer consistency. The fabric instantly becomes more strong & durable due to how tight the fibres are able to bind together.

Not only are our eco-friendly textiles long-lasting for your use & wear, but are socially responsible. The fibres do not require the use of any pesticides or chemicals to grow! Zenchies eco-friendly fibres are natural; many of which are considered hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial. The softness of our fabrics allows for breathability in our garments; that will feel amazing when styled in your hair, or when wearing against your skin.

Along with our slow fashion movement, we source our luxe textiles within Canada as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint that shipping & transporting goods can leave. Every Zenchies order comes packaged in an eco-friendly mailer; mindfully packed with love & care by our team. This allows us yet another opportunity to ensure the quality of every item placed inside meets our company’s high standards.

2. Ethically Made:

Keeping production in Canada has always been extremely important at Zenchies. We can proudly say that we have a team some of the BEST sewers found in Winnipeg, Manitoba. By keeping production local, we create a strong sense of community- we even know our sewers & tailors by their first names! Zenchies local production allows for easy communication for us to continue to deliver you the highest quality products, consistency within our designs, & important details within every stitch.

The alternative option would for us would be to order at a much less expensive cost from overseas. That would come with a high cost of guilt; for the possibility of exploitation & unethical working conditions. By supporting local at Zenchies, you are creating jobs within Canada for our talented sewers; in which they are then able to support & provide for their families.

As important as it is to keep production local, it is equally important to us to give back. Since day one, Zenchies has donated 10% of the net proceeds from every purchase to CancerCare Manitoba in support of Women’s Cancer Initatives.

3. Lasting:

Sewing. Local ethical manufacturing

Zenchies are made strong & made to last- made for you to wear on repeat! Our premium-grade textiles are locally crafted into exquisite designs, & when cared for properly will last for years to come. Every scrunchie is made with our own braided elastic; designed with a unique degree of stretch & recovery.  The technology built into our elastic provides the perfect hold for any length & texture of hair!

When designing our collections, we select styles/ colours of fabrics that are timeless & chic, for you to not grow tired of wearing! Fighting against “fast fashion,” we see the value in investing in high quality accessories that can be styled with many outfits, for many occasions.

Every order comes with a reusable custom Zenchies Linen Pouch. The drawstring pouch was designed for storing your accessories over the years to protect from dust, or to throw in your purse while being on-the-go!


Thank-you for your on-going support at Zenchies. We value you all so much, & are so grateful to have a following of like-minded individuals; who have the same ethical values as us when it comes to sustainability within fashion.

Together, we can re-shape the fashion industry by supporting the slow-fashion movement, for future generations to enjoy the same things we do, today.