Why Zenchies Hair Ties Are Different

We set the standard high since day one when we launched back in January 2019, being one of the first Canadian companies to launch as an eco-friendly accessory brand. Supporting local & ethical production, eco-friendly practices, with an initiative to always give back; Zenchies changed the game of what was acceptable in the accessory industry within North America.


eco-friendly scrunchies Canada

5 Reasons Why Zenchies Hair Ties Are Different:

Rose Gold Champagne Eco-friendly scrunchie

1. Handmade in Canada

Our promise is to continue to deliver you the highest quality pieces, thanks to our team of talented, local sewers. Through our design process, we are able to work closely as a team- being able to closely monitor our quality standards in an ethical environment. We are beyond proud to create more jobs within Canada, supporting our team of artisans, & their families.

2. Eco-friendly

Not only are our eco-friendly textiles long-lasting for your use & wear, but are socially responsible. The fibres do not require the use of any pesticides or chemicals to grow. Zenchies eco-friendly fibres are natural; many of which are considered hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial. The softness of our fabrics allows for breathability in our hair ties; that will feel amazing when styled in your hair, or when wearing against your skin.

3. Prevent Breakage

Most of the damage from wearing a regular elastic occurs when detangling it out of your hair. The fabric chosen to make our hair ties acts as an extra layer of padding, protecting your beautiful hair!

braid with pink silk scrunchie

4. Strong Elastic

Not all elastic is created equal; Zenchies sources a unique wide-braided elastic, made of natural fibres. It is sewn & double tacked at the perfect diameter to provide you with the best hold without causing breakage or headaches.

5. Give Back

10% of our net proceeds is donated from every Zenchies purchase to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation in support of women’s cancer initiatives. All funds raised and donated remain in Manitoba. These funds support an internationally-recognized team of health professionals at CancerCare Manitoba who provide outstanding care for patients and their families throughout Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Join the Zenchies fam, & see why we’re different from our rest. Shop our premium hair ties here.